Out Vs Ref

There are some basic differences in Out and Ref.

Out :  Passed by reference and it must be set by the called method, otherwise there will be compiler error.


int x; // no need to assign any value as the method in which it will be passed as OUT , its method responsibility to set its value.

void OutEx(out int x)
//x should be set some value before exiting from this method other compiler error

Ref : Already assigned passed and no need to reset in the called method.


int x = 0;//here x must be set before passing as ref, because its not guarantee that the method in which it is passed as Ref, will set.

void RefEx(ref int x)
// x is already set, so no need to set. but you change

Another benefit of out modifier :  It allows the caller to obtain multiple return values from a single method invocation.

Interviewer can ask in a different way like : If you have to return multiple values from a single method, what will you do. Simple answer is use Out modifier.

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